Lights Out

Bedtime varies each day depending on the evening events. Older campers stay up later than younger boys. As a rule, lights are out for everyone by 10 p.m. But there are exceptions, both late and early. When the World Cup final game went to overtime, boys had a late night! But the fix to “late lights” often comes the very next day when we either adjust our morning schedule with a late breakfast or have an extended rest hour.

Counselors are always present in the cabins to supervise teeth-brushing rituals, to tell a story or two, and to observe the inevitable “crash” of a full camp’s worth of exhausted creatures. Once their charges have settled down, cabin counselors may leave the building, but we always have three or four staff on duty in the general area of the cabins. They stay put until the entire camp is asleep, whereupon they go to bed themselves. The cabin areas are surrounded by the cottages lived in by the administrative staff. We are always on call!

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