Kingswood Gives Boys Choices

boys choices summer camp kingswoodKingswood’s program is truly unique because of our flexibility. We never use a computer to schedule campers into activities- therefore campers are never locked into selections they may have made before camp even began! Kingswood campers make choices every day within a structured program.

Kingswood not only gives boys choices, we give them quality choices. Each morning before the boys even wake up, the administrative staff is hard at work creating a wide range of appealing options that will be offered during afternoon and evening activity blocks (the boys select their three morning clinics on a weekly basis).

We take into consideration the weather, scheduled inter-camp sporting events, hiking and fishing trips, as well as feedback from campers and counselors when determining what activities should be offered. Our goal is to provide a wide array of events during each block so that every camper has a slew of great options.

Each day at Kingswood has a different “feel” and we excel at optimizing each day. On a hot afternoon, for example, we offer fewer vigorous sports and hiking options while offering more activities on the waterfront as well as trips to local swimming holes. No two days are ever alike and campers never complain of boredom!

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