Fishing Trips

Fishing trips are a popular venture for many boys at Kingswood. Campers take the morning fishing and canoeing clinics to brush up on their skills, then head out to get the catch of the day! Some fishing trips are just for the evening, while others are overnight. While we spend a good deal of time fishing in Lake Tarleton, we enjoy spreading our wings to explore other fishing options!

Connecticut River

The river forms the border between Vermont and New Hampshire, just ten minutes from camp. Boys pack up during the morning and leave after lunch for one of our favorite canoe and fishing trips. Some trips are just for the evening, while others are over night. The fish are almost always plentiful, with rainbow trout, northern pike, bass, walleye and perch among the catch.

Indian Pond

This calm, quiet pond is one of the best bass fishing locations in northern New Hampshire. Just ten minutes from camp, this is a fun evening adventure for any beginning or experienced fisherman.

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