What is the food like?

cookout good food eating kingswood campIt is both excellent and plentiful. We know that being well fed is crucial to a boy’s happiness at camp and that active boys need to refuel at mealtime. We do not give our kitchen managers a budget to work with but rather tell them that we simply want our community to rave about the food- which it does!

We eat family style and as a community. A salad bar provides fresh fruit, salad, alternative choices, vegetarian options, more sophisticated or ethnic food choices, as well as “make it your way options” for more selective eaters- for example a pasta bar or a sandwich bar. We are a nut-free camp. Healthy midmorning and mid-afternoon snacks are provided.

Kingswood works very closely with boys who have a wide range of allergies and intolerances to foods. We have had an employee on the kitchen staff who prepares meals for boys who have significant dietary restrictions. Being the small tightly knit community that we are, we feel that this is something that we absolutely can do, and do well. Meet our Kitchen Staff

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