Camper FAQS

Curious about what life is like at Kingswood? Here are questions most often asked by first-time campers:

How long will it take me to feel comfortable at Kingswood?
We try very hard to help make you feel welcome right away. Within a couple of days, most boys have made new friends and are enjoying their activities.

Should I come to camp with a friend?
You may, but it’s not that important. After a short time a camp, you will feel surrounded by friends.

How much is camp like school?
Kingswood is a real vacation from the demands of school because during each time block, you have several choices. You’re in charge!

Are there any activities I am not allowed to do?
Occasionally, a challenging trip is limited to more experienced campers. Otherwise, all activities are open to everyone.

May I change my mind after I have picked my activities?
Yes. We are quite fair-minded about change requests so long as they don’t come at the very last minute.

Will I get enough to eat?
Yes. Not only are there lots of choices, but seconds and thirds are available for most foods at each meal. Boys love our food. Just ask anyone who’s been to Kingswood.

May I call home?
We prefer that Mom and Dad call you, but not that often. You will be so busy! There is a phone in the dining room and your parents can reach you during meals.

Will I get a chance to spend any money?
Yes. Some spending money is included in the fees your parents pay us. We give the same amount to every camper whenever a trip stops at an appropriate place.

Who will be my cabinmates?
We try to match you up with boys your age with whom you will have a good chance of making friends. We’re used to being told what a terrific job we’ve done in cabin assignments.

Who will be my cabin counselors?
All counselors are friendly guys ages 17 and up who have a blast at camp and include you in all their fun. Most counselors have been Kingswood campers themselves, so they know how to make you feel comfortable at camp.

What happens if I get sick?
The camp infirmary is in the middle of the cabin area and you may go see the nurse whenever you are not feeling well.

Are there any activities with girls’ camps?
Yes. We have dances with nearby girls’ camps. Like everything else we do, these activities are available as choices to you.

Do we get any free time to just hang out or do whatever we want?
Yes. We set aside several blocks of time each day when counselors are present to supervise but the organizing is totally up to you. Shower, write a letter, read, play catch–you’re the boss!

What can I do if I have problems of any sort?
At Kingswood, there is always someone for you to talk to when things are not okay. We believe in listening to boys and helping them work out any difficulties they run into.