What are the health care procedures?

clean infirmary

Kingswood’s infirmary, centrally located and well equipped, is monitored around the clock by two licensed professional nurses. The camp always scores high in the healthcare section of American Camp Association accreditation reviews, ample proof that very strict and safe procedures are followed. Yet, to us, equally as significant as doses of medicine are doses of TLC.

Always cautious, the nurses consult directly with the camp physicians—pediatricians from the nearby town of Bradford, Vermont. For emergencies, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center—one of the finest facilities in New England—is located in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

In case of emergency, we will contact you as soon as possible. Parents will be notified by phone under the following circumstances:

  • A camper requires medical treatment off the camp premisesnurses safety health wellbeing campers staff
  • A camper spends the night in the infirmary
  • A camper sustains injury or illness deemed significant enough to require phone consultation with local health care providers (head injuries and possible bone fractures)
  • Parents request a consultation regarding any ongoing health issue
  • The director asks the nurses to contact the family out of courtesy or other reason deemed valid, or if the nurses make the same determination without directorial guidance.

Kingswood nurses and directors generally will not contact parents if a camper is seen in the infirmary for routine problems (e.g., skinned knee, headache) that do not require a physician referral. The decision to consult you in these situations is determined on a case-by-case basis by the camp nurse. Meet our Nurses.

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