Kingswood Communicates

happy smiling camper kingswood new hampshire summer campWe believe that good communication among adults is of paramount importance in any institution that works with and raises children- be it a school, an athletic team, or a summer camp. Children feel the safest and most comfortable when they know that the adults in their lives are aligned. Therefore it is one of Kingswood’s missions to communicate effectively both with our parents and with our staff.

Every day of the summer, director Bob Wipfler posts a photo essay with commentary on the camp blog. Families appreciate our efforts to keep them up to date on daily camp events and activities. Throughout the session each camper is highlighted in a variety of photographs, taken by professional photographer Sara Wipfler, which lets you know that your son is safe and happy. If you are strongly considering Kingswood, we suggest you view some of the archived reports.

director boys summer camp new hampshireEvery few days, director Rob Wipfler posts a video giving families a “fly on the wall” perspective of daily camp life. Often with witty commentary or interviews with campers, these videos provide a glimpse of real-time camp in motion that our families love. Consider browsing the videos from previous summers to get a feel for the community and candid moments that make Kingswood special.

Although we spend a good deal of a typical camp day out of the office interacting with the boys and overseeing the camp program, we respond promptly to all parent emails. We are also available by phone and pride ourselves in responding thoroughly to all inquiries. We discuss any concerns directly with our staff and work quickly to address issues. Our emphasis on good communication strengthens our relationships with campers and their families, and creates an environment of trust and dependability.