Nearby Hikes

Mt. Piermont

Kingswood has blazed and maintained its own trail up Mt. Piermont. The trailhead is directly behind our Little League Field. This fairly challenging trail leads to an open rocky summit of 2717 feet, with stunning views down to Lake Tarleton and nearby Lake Armington, as well as over to Mt. Moosilauke.

Webster Cliff

This trip is often taken as an over-night. Hikers take a route that leads over Mt. Mist on the Appalachian Trail. Boys signal camp with their flashlights from the campsite once it gets dark. Campers who remain behind gather to signal back from the council circle.

Mt. Moosilauke

Boys love tackling this challenging hike. Staring at Mt. Moosilauke every day from Kingswood makes this mountain one of the most appealing for many campers. The summit, at 4802 feet, has the best views in the state, including the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Green Mountains of Vermont, and Kingswood far below. Hikers can choose from several routes to reach the first summit on the Appalachian Trail above tree line. If you enjoy hiking – this is an exhilarating and rewarding climb.

Indian Burial Ground

Campers know from the onset that this trip will provide them with a guaranteed scare.This overnight takes campers up a Kingswood maintained trail just a mile and a half from camp. The campsite is located near an “ancient Indian burial ground” and lots of hijinks takes place after dark- all in good fun!

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