What is the camp’s candy/package policy?

Boys may receive any number of non-food mailings. Kingswood permits each camper to receive ONE care package containing food/candy during their stay at camp. We insist that food stuffs be modest in size and meant to be shared with the cabin group. Snack time is usually at rest hour and before lights out and must be supervised by a counselor. You are not obligated to send a care package and also, please be smart enough to recognize the typical child ruse when you hear it. (“Uncle Joe, I’m starved. Send brownies!”) The contents of all packages are examined by an administrator. Due to an increase in extreme peanut allergies, we ask that you not send food-stuffs containing, or packages in a plant that processes nuts. If you send baked good, please include an ingredients list. Items that contain nuts or are processed in a plant that processes nuts will be confiscated. No food or beverages may be brought to camp initially and boys may expect us to check for that during the first cabin meeting.

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