“Prize” Trips

Gimmicks are few and far between at Kingswood, but some loyal campers earn the right to special trips.

Moose Scoops

Campers who are signed up before October 1st are eligible to receive a trip to Moose Scoops in nearby Warren, NH.  A trip to Moose Scoops is a trip to heaven. This is everybody’s favorite ice cream stand, bar none. Campers are asked to order a small, because even that size is too much for most boys! With over thirty flavors, everyone is able to find something to suit their fancy. A tournament win means the entire team goes to Moose Scoops. We recently started the “Good Deed Doers” trip. An administrator keeps track of campers who have been caught doing good deeds, and adds them to a list. Once the list is at about ten, they are announced in the dining hall and told the good news. Everyone loves a trip to Moose Scoops!

Hanover Day Trip

For campers who bring a friend to camp, this trip provides a fun reward. Not only do you reap the benefits daily from sharing such an amazing experience with a friend, but you also get a $10 shopping spree in a big college town! Our only request is that you consume all purchases before returning to the camp van – not an unpopular “rule.”

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