Bird’s Eye Views of Kingswood

Bird’s Eye Views of Kingswood

Former counselor Will Brown, who lives in Piermont, brought his new toy, a drone, to camp on a couple of occasions last summer. Honestly, I thought we were under locust attack when I heard weird buzzing coming from across the lake.  These photos show a truly interesting perspective of camp.  Enjoy.

Looking to the North.  Due North is to the left side from the docks.  99.9% National Forest beyond.

View to the South. That is Mt. Cube in center distance.

We’ll call this a view to the East, though it is a split with the northern outlook.  Due East from the docks is the V at top right between the long ridge on Moosilauke and Mt. Mist. Due North goes from the docks off the top left edge of the photo.

Western view. Folks call this the western shore of Lake Tarleton though it runs northwest to southeast. This is the direction our storms come from, right boys?  How about Sara putting together a  poster of these four views?

A marvelously illustrative photo. When I first laid eyes on the property in 1983, I said to Alice, “We can supervise boys here.”

The “college green” concept with Pines Field as the center of attention. That’s Pines Field where the volleyball net is located.  All 14 of our boys’ cabins either open directly to Pines Field or are a mere stone’s throw.  Fireplace Cabin and Lakeview are hidden by trees on the left.  This juxtaposition of facilities is a major asset.

The shoreline. If you want to talk about assets…. Draw a semi-circle connecting all the “cottages,” starting with Mike’s house at bottom left, going uphill through the trees towards the fields, then moving back down hill through more trees to the Wipfler cabin on the water.  I count seven staff cottages on the loop.  We have the boys surrounded!

Enough for today’s report. Next time we do a drone report, we will do more with shots like this one. Stay tuned.


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