Is It a Clinic or an A-Block?

Is It a Clinic or an A-Block?

Yeah, I got hooked by a couple of those Facebook magic quizzes.  The idea is that the program can accurately guess things by the answers you give to the questions.  In one, it calculated that I live in San Francisco and in another, it appears that I am a New York Giants football fan.  Rubbish.

So, let’s have a Kingswood quiz today.  Very simply, try to figure out if the photo was taken during a clinic session or during A-Block.  (Note:  We now have many new readers of this post.  Clinics are those morning instructional activities.  Campers take three each morning for a week at a time.  A-Block takes place in the afternoon from 3 – 4:30 and varies each day. Many involve practical use of skills learned in the clinics.)

Here is the quiz.  Some are a bit arbitrary.  So what?  Answers are at the end.

1. Fitness clinic
2. A-Block track meet

1. Campcraft clinic
2. Prep for an overnight trip

1. Frisbee clinic
2. Line Frisbee game

1. Canoe clinic
2. Lake exploration

1. Soccer clinic
2. Trash ball

1. Clinic in the rain
2. Lake Constance

1. Hoops clinic
2. Leisure games on Pines Field

1. Tennis clinic
2. Tennis challenge

1. Wilderness survival clinic
2. Jail

1. Clinic batting practice
2. Game with Pemi

1. Lax clinic
2. Lax game

1. Nature clinic
2. Dead-heading Mr. Wiff’s rose bushes


During a Fitness clinic Nick was timing sprints up the hill.

At Campcraft clinics where boys learn how to cook meals in the bush and survive.

Nico has just tossed several frisbees at once in hopes of landing them into enemy territory in this line frisbee game.

It’s a canoe clinic.  There would be day packs, etc, were it an exploration.

Trash ball.  The barrel is a dead giveaway.

Lake Constance in the rain.  Hiking in bad conditions is great fun, so long as a person is prepared for it.

“Leisure games” do indeed get a bit competitive at times!

Tennis clinic.  We teach good sportsmanship at clinics.

How many of our 100 games have a “jail” component?  Many.

That is Pemi’s  baseball coach, Mr. Malcolm, watching Jarred’s delivery.

You can bet that Rob Horne is talking about the game at his lax clinic.

The photo just above is proof that Mr. Wiff pays handsome dividends to those who help him in the gardens!!!

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