Kingswood Around the Globe

Kingswood Around the Globe

For years, I have maintained a photo file entitled “Kingswood Around the Globe.”  Families send me pictures of folks adorned with Kingswood gear, taken from very interesting places.  Send me your best shots, for future usage in this space.  Meanwhile, enjoy a few of my favorites.

Kingswood in Venice

Kingswood in Anguilla

Kingswood at the Western Wall

Kingswood at Hiroshima

Kingswood deep sea fishing

Kingswood at the Grand Canyon

Kingswood in Alaska

Kingswood at the Taj Mahal

Kingswood in Barcelona

Kingswood in Amsterdam

Kingswood in Madrid

Kingswood at Machu Picchu

Kingswood in San Francisco

Kingswood at the Great Wall of China

Kingswood in Rome

Kingswood in Nepal

Kingswood at Mt. Kilimanjaro

Kingswood at Kingswood


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