Late Summer at Kingswood

Late Summer at Kingswood

Here are some post-camp photos from Sara.  Rob and Becky are still nearby at their home in Lyme, NH. They have been attending the twins who demand to be either fed or changed nearly 24-7, but are also enjoying getting back to work in the camp office. I do not hear them complaining too much as those cute little bundles are precious. They, and others lucky enough to still be around do indeed rejoice in the gorgeous colors of autumn, much more golden than green, as the first four photos below show you.

My across-the-street neighbor Don, who gave us the wood carving in the Guides Lodge plus “The Brat” who stood next to the maple tree in the picnic area, was on the scene in August again this year,  this time for his largest ever project — a Kingswood totem pole.  You can see him beginning the task with chain saw on one photo and then adding the painting final touches in the next.  Of course, Dan loved the idea of hauling the monster down the hill to the council fire where it was stood up for all to appreciate, forever.  Much more on this subject in a later report.  Good camp.

Bad camp and good camp combined are featured in the photos at the bottom of the page.  Bad camp in that the Dining Room foundation has been slowly decaying over the years and good camp that we have decided to produce a permanent fix as opposed to a band aid or two. Once again, Dan, along with Joey and a host of local fellows well known to many of us older staff, are on hand to make sure the job is done properly.  You can see that Dan and Joey have ripped off the entire porch to make it easier to lift the building nearly five feet off the ground. That will allow small tractors and other equipment to get into the basement where all the repairs can be made.  As with the totem pole event, we are looking forward to updates on this project, too, in the weeks ahead.

School has started for most of you but nevertheless remember to THINK CAMP.  — Mr. Wiff



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