Retro Report

Retro Report

“Hey Sara and Dad, How about some old-time photos for today’s Blues Buster?  They are always good for a few laughs.”  So said Rob just now.  Particularly for Old School Kingswood folks, there is an amazing revelation in the comments for the last photo below.  Sara finds the photos; Dad supplies the comments.   Enjoy.

I’ll bet that many of you have participated in one of our various “Festique” style extravaganzas. In each case, the Temple of Smoke is going great guns and many side games complement a great meal. Karaoke is going on here.  Spanky never changes much.

Display of the food is a major factor in these jubilees. I see two counselors from last summer in the fist row.

Of course, counselors compete for best food…

as well as best costume.

There are the standard side events…

plus an occasional import such as the dunk tank. Greer loved getting unseated!

One time, the Festique took the form of a Renaissance celebration. Alice and I were annointed King and Queen for the occasion.

Same idea for the side games…

and costumes. Boys were given washers as coins for the legal currency at this event. Several hilarious skits were performed for the amusement of the royal family.  Several current familiar faces can be detected.

Yet another memorable event was a “Night at the Races.”

It poured just before the first race and the track was deliriously muddy.

Boys used a special currency called “rickshaws” to place their bets…

and the announcer did his best to track the racers about the course…

that mostly consisted of chariot pulling contests.

But, many will argue that the very best bit we ever did was the big fight of 2004. This is Fennekohl’s “camp” of supporters. Theres was the high-end training facility with nutritional supplements and electronic fitness measurements.

The “low brow” camp featured Knaus as fighter and minions like Sam Ascher as trainer.  At one point, Knaus chased a fleet of live chickens around the dining room.  Hilarious beyond words.  And now for the shocker….

For years we had a video of some of the training bits. But last Saturday night in NYC, a former staffer handed me his long misplaced video of the ENTIRE fight. Over an hour long, this CD discovery is like finding vintage footage of the sinking of the Titanic. You’ll see it all this coming summer.




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