Returning Staff: Wow and Double Wow!

Returning Staff: Wow and Double Wow!

Enormous kudos are due to Rob and Becky for hiring the best and most loyal return staff in camp history.  This is no exaggeration, designed to propagandize the upcoming summer.  Bring sons to camp in person and see for yourself what a marvelous set of role models we have lined up for your sons.  As one parent remarked at the end of last summer, “Kingswood tuition is my money very well invested.”  Thanks for that and here are more pics of the group of folks we have assembled plus a few teasing questions.

So, Peter, what is your crazy scheme for 2017?

Old School shot of Charlie. Kiss that fish?

Hadley: Do you have to bring your parents to camp with you this time?

Will: Playing, coaching, refereeing or organizing nite hoops this summer?


Ian, seein’ is believin’

Retro Kelmo collaborating with Bundy. What a team!

Jacob: Will you dance…

or light the torch this summer?

Retro of DiMass boys and Jacob. 30 Kingswood summers among that group!




Griffin, looking like this…

or this?




Frankie, at left, doing manual labor, for once!

Danny, in center, along with Spanky (of course) and maybe Mike, too




Rob, Becky and the twins!!!

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