Sara’s 2017 Photo Options

Sara’s 2017 Photo Options

If you are new to Kingswood- my name is Sara Wipfler Acharya and I am the daughter of Bob & Alice Wipfler. I am a professional photographer and this summer marks my 31th summer at Kingswood! During the year I am a portrait photographer in Washington, DC, but during the summer I am the camp photographer, a camp administrator, and I work with the boys in a variety of camp activities including nature photography.

One of my primary responsibilities at camp is to take photos of the campers that are loaded the next day to the CampInTouch website so that you get a sense of the fun your son is having at camp. I will make it a priority to make sure every camper is represented as equally as I can in these photo reports.

If you would like me to separately capture your son’s experience at Kingswood, I have several options below. This does not mean that your son will be featured more frequently than other campers in the photo reports.

These packages are purely optional! Regardless of whether you decide to purchase anything, you will be receiving regular photo, blog, and video reports that feature your son(s).

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Kingswood Collage: $575

Includes an artfully composed collage in the style of the traditional
Kingswood yearly collage. The collage will be delivered as an 11×14 print on archival paper and as a digital JPEG. You will also receive all the professionally edited photos of your child in a password protected online gallery. You will be given the link to download a folder of all of the high res photos.

Personalized book: $420
Includes a hardcover photo book of your child’s summer experience. The books are usually around 20 full color pages. Includes photos taken by Mr. Wiff as a bonus. You will also receive ALL professionally edited photos of your child in a downloadable online photo gallery.

In the case of having more than one child at camp you can decide to have a book that is a compilation at no added fee.

  • 2 children 1 book- $420- no additional cost
  • 2 children 2 individual books- $600

Camper photos: $290

Includes all professionally edited photos of your child in a user-friendly password protected online gallery. You will be given a code to access and download all of the high res photos. Also includes photos taken by Mr. Wiff as a bonus.

  • 2 children- $350
  • 3 children- $425

Yearbook: $95

70+ page full color hard bound book in the style of school yearbooks. Includes individual pictures of every camper and counselor, cabin photos, plus hundreds of my other pictures profiling every aspect of camp life. I produce a 1st session yearbook and a separate 2nd session yearbook. Email me if you son is interested but has a special camp tenure.

25 Kingswood postcards: $20

I will be selling sets of Kingswood postcards to encourage your child to write home. There are 5 copies of 5 different views of the lake in one set. These will be available on drop off day and Parent’s Day. I can address the postcards and give them to your son on the first day of camp if you provide the stamps.


I will be putting up daily photo reports on Campminder’s CampInTouch. If you would like any of my photos featured in the reports printed you can email me and I will print them and you can pick them up at camp or I can mail them to you. I will be printing them on my own professional printer on fine art archival paper.

CampInTouch allows you to buy prints of my photos through the site at their own set pricing and through their own printer. This is not something I’m involved with so do adjust your standards accordingly. If you want pictures for photo albums or prints in bulk and are less concerned with the quality you should go through the cheaper route of CampInTouch. However, if you want select pictures that you intend to frame I would recommend going with my prints.

4×6: $10    5×7: $15    8×10: $20   11×14: $30

Thanks for taking the time to look!



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