Some good questions about summer 2017

Some good questions about summer 2017

Mr. Wiff may be getting up there in years, but still he is like a child when it comes to anticipating all the fun in store for Kingswood campers come summer 2017, now beginning to appear on the horizon.  Here are some of Mr. Wiff’s questions, the answers to which will become apparent very soon!

How many will notice the improved views along the picnic shoreline?

Ditto with the massive brushwork cleanup chore we did on Mem outfield.

What new critter will we find from Don’s chainsaw art?

Who will be first to “kiss his fish?”

Can Lakeview  win “Best Cabin” in inspection?

What costumes will those nutty counselors think of next?


Is is possible to get a better seat for a Kingswood picnic?

Have any of you been thinking of your “Stealth” outfits?

Will it be warm enough for many evening rounds of Tarleton Tennis?

Who among you are planning to get into Varsity Club…

and are you willing to go on hikes like this one to get to Varsity Club status?

Do you plan on having your name on the Guides’ lost and found list?

What does the Birthday Tsar have in mind for skits?

Who will be the Ambassador’s minions at Egg Drop…

and which cabin will win the coveted Egg Drop Trophy?

Lastly, just how will the Cain brothers arrive/depart from Kingswood in 2017? We all need to be there to learn this and other important answers!!!


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