How is the program scheduling done?

daily clinic signup

The most formal time of the day is the morning instructional time block. Boys sign up weekly for three daily one hour “clinics,” with several options available to them for each block. A boy chooses from each of three categories—waterfront, team sports and individual activities. Campers are grouped by age in clinics, but counselors offer varied lesson plans depending on the proficiency levels within the group— a major asset in a smaller community.

From lunchtime onward, campers are offered a variety of activities which change daily, with boys almost always getting their first choice. Team sports, creative games, hiking trips, waterfront activities, and nature projects are among the many staple selections. The weather, boys’ requests, and the director’s sense of balance dictate each day’s options. The flexible approaches we take in programming are very popular with campers and counselors alike and are another area where Kingswood stands apart from many other camps.


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