Sleeping Cabins

There are 14 sleeping cabins for campers and counselors.

Capacities range from 10 to 16. Cabins are clustered together, which strengthens our sense of community and improves supervision. Each cabin has its own unique character and name. “Lakeview”, for example, has a direct view of the lake and houses some of the youngest campers. “Bubbler” is directly across from the “bubbler,” or water fountain as it is more commonly called.

The cabins for our youngest campers are specially designed to help the boys keep their belongings organized, and are located nearest the infirmary and bathrooms. Campers are assigned to cabins based upon their age and grade in school. We try to accommodate requests for bunking with friends, with the central goal of creating a harmonious balance of campers.

Counselors live in cabins with the campers, and the number of counselors depends upon the age and number of campers. Everyone returns to the cabin after breakfast for a period of time to tidy up before the daily inspection.

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