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Trashball is a popular Kingswood original teamsport featuring two balls in play at the same time. The game demands skill and strategy to score a goal in one of the trash cans.


  • Equipment: two (2) size 3 soccer balls, four (4) trash cans, cones, pennies
  • Numbers: 6 v. 6 is ideal, more can work
  • Field: (Crease should be at least a yard from the edge of the can)


  • You can’t tag players:
    • on their own side of the field (side they are defending)
    • if they don’t have the ball (on the offensive side)
  • You may tag players:
    • if they have the ball on the offensive side
  • A team loses possession of the ball if:
    • A player with possession of the ball is tagged on the offensive side
    • If a pass is not completed on the offensive side (the ball hits the ground on the offensive side)
    • Player with possession of the ball runs out of bounds
  • If a player is about to be tagged they may throw the ball back to their own side
    • If the ball lands on his side (the defensive side) he team retains possession
    • If the ball lands on the opponents side (his offensive side) it is a change of possession
    • Passes may be intercepted
  • No player (offense or defense) may enter the crease unless they have the ball or are retrieving a made basket
    • If an offensive player enters the crease without the ball – loss of possession
    • If a defensive player enters the crease – penalty shot
  • Penalty Shots – Violations counted during game, but shots don’t happen till time expires. Penalty shot is like a basketball free throw, from 8 yards.
  • If a team possesses both balls, one of the balls must enter the offensive zone within 10 seconds

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