Around Lake Tarleton

Our spectacular location on Lake Tarleton allows us to take a variety of trips around the lake. There are shores to explore after just a short hike or paddle in a canoe or kayak.

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White Sands

This beach is named for its bright, white sand under the water and is just a short distance from camp. It can be reached using the Lakeside Trail or canoeing or kayaking. Water football and keep-away games are great afternoon fun in this shallow, sandy water.

Sunset Point

This campsite is a short hike on the Lakeside Trail or an easy canoe paddle across Lake Tarleton. Sunset Point is often the first overnight trip for our younger campers. The trip leaves just after dinner. Boys arrive at the campsite, set up tents, enjoy the sunset, roast marshmallows, head to bed, and return for breakfast at camp the next morning.

Pirate’s Cove

Just beyond Sunset Point, Pirate’s Cove is the site of many a snorkeling trip. Snorkelers dive for a sunken treasure chest. The chest is discovered almost every summer by at least one lucky camper!

Blueberry Island

Often the destination of kayaking clinics during the third or fourth lesson, boys explore this small island on the northwestern end of Lake Tarleton. Blueberries do grow on the island, and the loon family lives on a nearby shore. Boys also paddle to this island with counselors in the evenings to watch the sun set.

Rope Swing

Directly across Lake Tarleton from the Kingswood waterfront is a trail to three sturdy rope swings tied to enormous trees along the shoreline. Hot summer afternoons can mean a kayaking adventure or a hike across the lake to any of these enjoyable spots.


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