Pemi Day

Why We Hike

Look, by world standards Kingswood hikes are fairly tame.  Ask that to a teenage boy on his first really rugged trek into the heart of... Read More

Familiar Faces

Becky and Rob have been maintaining an “I’ll Be There” list of counselors and staff who are planning (certainly, likely, hopefully) to come back next... Read More
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Kingswood Instagram Photos

 Kiss the fish!!!! Get the net! #onlyatkingswood  How do you handle a 90 degree day? Paddle board jousting, of course! #onlyatKingswood  Beautiful weather at camp right now #kingswood #camp
 Killing 15's soccer on Pemi Day #kingswood #camp  #onlyatKingswood greased watermelon water games  That time the Cain brothers arrived to camp on a homemade raft... #onlyatkingswood #goodcamp

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