Meet the Staff

We have a highly Experienced Staff. The cumulative Kingswood experience of our staff exceeds 700 summers. This is one of our most prized qualities. In addition, almost all Kingswood staff members are certified in CPR-AED and First Aid.

Administrative Staff

In addition to the Wipfler family, our administration includes seven full-time teachers. These amazing educators devote their lives to providing a safe and happy experience for children during the school year, and they share these skills with us at Kingswood. Our administrative team works together to train staff, act as role models, and meet with first year staff to provide feedback and address any concerns. We meet as a group every morning to coordinate the day, discuss any schedule adjustments, and assign tasks. Our administrative team is an invaluable asset to Kingswood.

Michael Klaus – Head Counselor, Coach, Trip Leader

I am a product of Kingswood through and through. Starting in the summer of 1995 as a ten year old junior and not missing a single summer, I have been on nearly every rung of the Kingswood ladder. In my time on staff I have been head of Fireplace cabin, tennis, and junior camp. Currently I am the Head Counselor and oversee Junior Camp, as well as having numerous persona for a variety of camp activities and skits in the dining hall. While I live and think camp at all times during the year, I am a history teacher, advisor, and coach at St. Anne’s-Belfield School in Charlottesville, VA in the off-season.

Scott Shupe – Coach, Musician, Trip Leader

Mike Wipfler introduced me to camp in 2000, the summer before our senior year at Davidson College. That time at camp opened my eyes to a world of influential “Master Teacher” minds and I vowed to one day become a full time teacher so that I could spend my summers at Kingswood. I’ve been a full time Kingswood administrator and teacher since 2005.  At camp, I teach golf, basketball, baseball, football, and lead hikes in the White Mountains – one of the most beautiful areas in the world!   The school year finds me teaching music and coaching sports, originally at The Hill School in Middleburg, Virginia and now at Pace School in Atlanta. 

Raven Owen-Beyer – Waterfront, Improv Clinician

My husband, Scott Shupe, first introduced me to Kingswood in 2006 and I’ve been coming back ever since. Having grown up in northern Vermont, I love the beautiful New England summers, and I can’t think of a better place to experience them then on the shores of Lake Tarleton. My teaching career started as Theater Director at The Hill School in Middleburg, VA, and now I teach theater in Atlanta. At camp, you can usually find me running an improvisation clinic, lifeguarding, or inspecting the campers’ care packages to make sure they don’t contain nuts. Scott and I were so happy to welcome our own little camper to Kingswood in 2013! Our son, Sebastian, loves the hustle and bustle of camp and cannot wait to return each summer.  One day soon, he will be in a cabin with other campers. 

Bill Dalton – Waterfront Director, Assistant Chef, Coach

I first met Bob Wipfler in the fall of 1988 and first set foot on the shores of majestic Lake Tarleton in June 1989. Largely because of my experience as Director of Soccer and Head Counselor over the next three years, I decided to make teaching and coaching my profession. I have spent the past two decades as an independent school teacher and coach and, after a 13-year hiatus, have been back at Kingswood since 2005 as Waterfront Director. In my first stint at Kingswood, I grew to love teaching and working with boys and teenagers. Now in my second stint I have come to enjoy teaching and counseling our young adult staff members as well, and everyone knows that whenever I am not lifeguarding on the waterfront, they can find me at “Billy D’s Temple of Smoke,” the camp barbeque area right next to the waterfront.  Heaven!

Jay Chetlen – Waterfront, Coach, Trip Leader

After earning a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Richmond in 1996, I spent my first summer at Kingswood as a cabin counselor. I instructed water-skiers, drove the ski boat, lifeguarded on the waterfront, and coached many a soccer game. Several years later I earned a B.S. in Mathematics and a Masters in teaching. I teach high school mathematics in Franklin, MA and I have been a Kingswood counselor for well over a decade. Each year is seemingly better than the last. My camp duties have grown to include leading hikes, snorkeling clinics, and anything else that needs getting done.  One of my nicknames is “the Junk Tsar,” and indeed I enjoy seeing the grounds looking tidy!

Kiera Chetlen – Arts and Crafts, Trips

In 1988, I was visiting my now-husband at the end of the season. Who knew a few years later I too would be spending my summers on Lake Tarleton? Jay and I were married in 2002 and, both being school teachers, are now able spend our summers at Kingswood. During the school year I teach 8th grade science. While at camp, I am in the Nature Lodge conducting Arts and Crafts afternoons and Photography Clinics. I recently expanded my clinic teaching experience to include kayaking and snorkeling instruction and am happy to have water activities as part of my day. Jay and I have been back to camp each summer since 2006 and I can’t imagine life without Kingswood.

Todd Sabiston – Master Fisherman, Musician, Trip Leader

Kingswood has been a part of my life for over 25 years. You’ll find me in “Mount Olympus,” my fabulous apartment in the Main Lodge that overlooks the lake.  I am always game for a guitar clinic, getting ready for a Connecticut River fishing trip, singing by the campfire or telling another of my immense collection of camp stories. (editor’s comment:  they are hilarious!)  During the school year, I am an Elementary School Physical Education teacher near Baltimore.

Justin “Spanky” Roman – Coach, Music Director, CIT Director

My first summer as a camper was in 1998 – but it was while visiting my brother on “parents’ day” in ’97 that I had first stepped foot on Kingswood Camp grounds. Those white mountain views over Lake Tarleton immediately felt like home. Ever since then, I have not missed a single chance to return every summer, evolving from a junior camper to the music / CIT Director and administrator I am today. 1998 was also the first summer I had ever been introduced to the drums, and by the time was 15, I was teaching drum clinics. My love and passion for music has always been important to me but Kingswood really fostered a love for music education, as well as education itself. I instruct our music clinics (guitar, drums and songwriting) as well as teaching target sports (archery and riflery), canoeing and baseball. During the “off-season” I am a professional musician and performer both solo and with my band Baychester Blues. I live and teach music in The Bronx, NY. I work for a non-profit organization called DFOY at the Pablo Casals School (MS 181) as well as teaching private music lessons. But mostly, I find myself counting down the days until camp begins!

Tom Savage – Coach, Kitchen, Trip Leader

I first arrived on the shores of Lake Tarleton as a young eighteen year old during a gap year before college. This past summer I collected my ten year gift. Kingswood has become a life defining experience for me. Although never a camper, I was lucky to work as a counselor during some formative years. I now work as an English teacher in London as well as being in charge of the pastoral care for a grade. Many ‘wiffisims’ can be heard over the pond in North London. I can put my hand to most things at camp and love leading hikes through the White Mountains. I’m so fortunate that I stumbled onto Kingswood in 2002 and if you’re reading this perhaps your son is about to start their own Kingswood adventure, I hope they do.


Nursing Staff

At Kingswood, there are two nurses on staff throughout the summer. Our nurses are registered and fully qualified. Most of them are school nurses, and are therefore used to working with camp-age children. Many of our nurses are parents of boys who attend Kingswood and have returned year after year for a great experience. Our nurses provide annual training to all staff before campers arrive. Parents can always contact the infirmary with questions for the nurses. 603-989-0090

Kitchen Staff

The kitchen staff at Kingswood Camp provides campers with some of the best camp food in America. Our talented cooks offer a variety of choices three times a day. A salad bar is available at lunch and dinner. The buffet table provides vegetarian options and more exotic choices. “There is no food budget at Kingswood,” is a frequent comment from the Director’s lips. The kitchen staff is happy to work with any camper that needs a personalized meal plan – just contact us. 603-989-5435

Taylor Steele – Head Cook

Kingswood is where I learned to love cooking for a crowd. 2016 was my first summer officially in the kitchen, but I’ve been cooking at camp as often as possible for years, and have appreciated the food at Kingswood ever since I started as a camper in 2005. From breaking down briskets with Bill to cooking whole ducks as part of Charmion’s Celebrity Chef treasure chest challenge, my experiences at camp have sparked my culinary interests, and at this point I work in restaurants during the offseason. My top priority in the kitchen is to maintain the sense of comfort and plenty that is the cornerstone of every Kingswood meal, but I also try to educate, entertain, and challenge everyone who enters the dining hall. My hope is that some of Kingswood’s future cooks are currently in its cabins.

Maintenance Staff

We are constantly making improvements to the camp property, both during the off-season and over the summer. Our experienced maintenance staff strive to complete their work with minimal impact on the daily program. Both men can be considered a jack-of-all-trades. As often as possible, they join us in the dining hall for meals and laugh along with the campers.

Dan Bixby – Head of Maintenance

I have been at Kingswood since 2006 and have lived in this area of New Hampshire all my life. I have over 30 years experience in the building trade, and served as a firefighter and EMT for over 25 years. I have a lot of experience with children of all ages, as I have also worked as a school bus driver. I have grown to love all the families and staff at this wonderful camp, and consider them all family as they have me! I am, and always will be, “All About Kingswood” and the amazing people who own and operate this family oriented facility.

Jerry Vanasse – Assistant Maintenance, Off-season caretaker

As a life long camp person, I have been at Kingswood since Bob Wipfler bought the camp in 1984. My role has evolved over the years and I have overseen many changes to the Kingswood property. I bring camp experience and assist the camp in many ways. My previous camp experience includes being a waterfront director and camp director at Cragged Mt. Farm in Freedom, NH. At Cragged, I had the opportunity to lead hiking and canoeing trips. I have hiked all of the 4000-foot mountains in NH and have lead coed trips in the mountains and on the Allagash River. At Waukeela Camp for girls in Eaton, NH, I worked as head of maintenance and my wife, Polly, headed the white water canoeing program. At Kingswood, I am a resource as well as a maintenance man. I taught high school physics at Brooks School, Landon School and the Groton School. I met Bob Wipfler at Landon and have been at Kingswood ever since. I love being on Lake Tarleton and I look forward to every minute that I spend at camp. Summer should be year round!