Intercamp Competition

Baker Valley Tournaments (BVT)

tournament lacrosse game sports kingswood camp boysKingswood is fortunate to have three other camps within a ten-mile radius.  Together these camps form the Baker Valley Association. These camps compete in round robin tournaments in the following sports: Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Lacrosse, and Ultimate Frisbee.

At Kingswood, there are no cuts – just sign up with the coach and be ready to play!

Each tournament is designed for a certain age group. So each session there will be six basketball tournaments: 15 and under, 14 and under, 13 and under, 12 and under, 11 and under, and 10 and under.

Your “Kingswood Age” is determined by how old you were on June 1st. So if you turned 11 on June 27th, you are eligible to play in the 10 and under tournaments all summer. If you have a particular passion or talent for a certain sport, it is common for campers to play in both the age-appropriate tournament and the tournament designed for older campers.

At Kingswood, we don’t practice much, but we play hard. And above all, we play and act like gentlemen – good sportsmanship is a requirement for all Kingswood athletes!

Pemi Daytournament competition teamsport team sports games basketball

This is the Saturday in which we play our friends and rivals from Camp Pemi in twelve different games. Each age group (11, 12, 13, and 15) competes against Pemi in Soccer, Baseball, and Basketball. The games are competitive, but more importantly, the sportsmanship is always impeccable. We are proud of the way both camp communities conduct themselves on and off the field. That is what makes this day so special.


Intramural Competition

Football Tournament

football tournament sports games kingswood camp competition new england sleepaway campThe Kingswood Touch Football Tournament is a session-long intramural event. Any camper who is interested in playing will be placed on a team. Teams will have campers of various ages, from juniors to CITs. Each team plays three or four regular season games and at least one game in the tournament.  The SuperBowl is played on Parents’ Day morning.

In the Football Tournament, point-value is determined by age: the first touchdown scored by a junior is worth eight points, an intermediate six, a senior five, and a counselor four.  Anyone who scores a second touchdown is worth four points. This unique scoring system encourages quarterbacks to draw up plays for younger players and individuals who have not yet scored, thus making everyone an integral member of the team.

Packer Generations Tournaments

In honor of Chris Chin, a former Kingswood camper and Packer School student, Kingswood runs an intramural basketball tournament (PGB) each session. Tournaments are played in the evening, with the finals under the lights. Juniors, Intermediates, and Seniors each have their own tournament.

The games are entertaining for both players and fans. There is an announcer with running commentary and special foods like popcorn and ice cream for the spectators.

Ping-Pong Tournaments

Any camper who is interested can sign up to participate in a session-long ping-pong tournament. There are separate brackets for each age group. The game room is an exciting place to be when tournament matches are happening.